Hollywood Smile
Be careful when you ask for a Hollywood smile - because it can have different meanings. Sometimes it means white big and fake looking or a beautiful natural look. There is no right or wrong, you need to find out what type of smile will harmonize with your face and with your character

Prevention it is always better, easier and less expensive to prevent a problem than to treat the problem. So seeing your dentist regularly is very important

Find out if your dentist is also a SMILE DESIGNER that he/she understands your smile, within the context of your face, your personality, your culture, to create the best natural looking smile that suits YOU!

A new Hollywood smile depends directly on the quality of the ceramic technician that your dentist is using so find out if your dentist works with a top technician or if he sends his work overseas to a cheap laboratory.

Make sure you can design your smile before starting the treatment. So you can test drive your smile using Digital Smile Design and generate a blueprint that will guide the treatment which your Cosmetic Dentist can implement.

A smile makeover will depend on teamwork. A smile transformation will depend not only on your main dentist but the quality of the periodontist , the orthodontist and the surgeon that he works with.